Spirulina-A good Health care Product

Now the spirulina is considered as a good health care product. The protein content of spirulina is much higher than that of beans, beef, and eggs. Because the cell membrane is very thin and it is composed of mu copolymer which is easily decomposed so the spirulina’s absorption rate can achieve 95 percent. And the spirulina has many functions such as reducing the blood lipid and blood pressure, anti-radiation, protecting the liver and so on. But the original drying and sterilizing method are not good. Now the microwave drying and sterilizing technology are ideal for the spirulina manufactures.


Drying Spirulina by Low Temperature within A very Short Time to Keep the Quality

The spirulina contains protein content, chlorophyll, phycocyanin, polysaccharide as well as vitamins A, B, and a small amount of fat composition so it must be dried at a temperature of less than 84 Celsius degree otherwise the active ingredient will be destroyed and the quality will be affected. And the cell membrane of spirulina is thin and has good permeability so it has to be dried within a short time in order to keep the quality. However, the traditional drying methods such as baking and radiation affect quality. By the microwave drying method the water molecules of spirulina motion reciprocally with high-speed in accordance with the frequency of the microwave, extrude and make friction to generate heat so that the moisture within the spirulina can be vaporized and dried. And when dry the spirulina by microwave, it absorbs the microwave energy from all directions both inside and outside without the thermal conduction so it can be dried within a very short time by low temperature.

Spirulina Continuous Microwave sterilizer Machine

Reasons Why You need to Choose Our Industrial Microwave Equipment for Spirulina Drying and Sterilizing

Our industrial microwave equipment for spirulina drying and sterilizing has incomparable superiorities compared to the traditional packaging machines. It is specially designed based on the spirulina’s features of fine granularity and lightweight. The microwave sterilizing is the result of the combined action of the thermal effect and non-thermal effect. So the effect of sterilizing is double. When heating the spirulina it absorbs the microwave energy both inside and outside then the protein of bacteria coagulates and dies within a short time. The microwave high-frequency electric field changes the bacteria’s membrane potential and structure then the protein of spirulina’s bacteria mutate, lose viability and die. The bacteria within spirulina are killed evenly and thoroughly. It adopts an enclosed screw conveyor when loading and discharging the spirulina material so that it could keep continuous operating and could not be polluted.