Soybean–the Optimal Source of Protein

Now nutritionists attach great attention to the study of the human’s protein intake, and they agree that the soybean is the optimal source of vegetable protein. Some epidemiological surveys and clinical trials show that the soybean has many health and epidemic prevention effect. For example, it can regulate the human cholesterol level so as to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and prevent the formation of gallstones. And it can also regulate the human metabolism of calcium so as to reduce the risk of suffering from osteoporosis and prevent the nephrolith disease. It is known as a global health food of the 21st century.

The Natural Drying Method–Long time, more labor needed, Large Occupations

Soybeans contain 35% protein, 26% starch and 20% vegetable oil. The freshly harvested soybeans need to be dried because the moisture content is much higher than the safe storage moisture (14%). Based on the equipment investment, energy, and other reasons, most of the soybeans are dried by using the natural drying method. But it takes a long time, could not be dried evenly, occupies a large place and needs more labor. Therefore it is imperative to seek the fast and efficient soybeans drying method. As a high technology, microwave drying has opened up a new way of drying agricultural products due to its unique drying mechanism.

soybean microwave dryer

Features of Our Industrial Microwave Equipment for Soybean Drying and Sterilizing

☆ It is specially designed based on beans’ features of many varieties, high protein content, and moisture content.
☆ It adopts the non-contact infrared temperature measurement technology to test the soybean’s temperature from multi-point. It has high accuracy and ensures the soybean’s heating evenness.
☆ It uses the special dehumidifying device which can make the moisture vapor rapidly and improve the drying efficiency.
☆ The beginning and the end of the microwave’s work can be controlled by adjusting the power. The application of the human-machine interaction and PLC can realize the programmable automated control to the drying process.

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