With the development of microwave technology, microwave equipment now is widely used in many fields, such as food, medicine, chemistry, house furnishing, papermaking, ceramics, tobacco, and other fields. Microwave technology has played a positive role in sterilization, drying, and extraction. While all the microwave equipment has the advantages of high efficiency, low consumption, safe and no pollution, microwave equipment is more and more welcomed by people. However, there still remain some problems in microwave equipment which hinds its development. The problems are as follows:

1. Exaggeration in publicity. Some manufacturers exaggerate the effect of their equipment, saying that the equipment can be used to process every material while in fact, as for different materials there needs different microwave drying and sterilization times, so the equipment should be made according to the customer’s requirements. In addition, some equipment can not reach the technology standards thus can not achieve the expected effect.
2. Some microwave equipment manufacturers even use so-called new concepts to mislead the customers. Since many customers are not very familiar with professional knowledge, some manufactures may lie to them and tell them some impossible techniques related to the equipment.
3. What’s worse, some manufacturers provide unqualified microwave equipment. There has been reported that some of the microwave equipment have leakage problems that not only can not reach the expected drying and sterilization effect but also be harmful to people’s health because of the immature manufacturing techniques.
4. Lacking matched application technology and service. Especially for the small manufacturers who can not provide the professional knowledge and guide, if the customers meet problems during the production, they are not able to give reasonable suggestions.

These potential problems existing in the microwave equipment industry may more or less influence the development and application of microwave technology. So the industry regulatory authorities should strengthen the supervision of the industry and the manufacturers should improve their techniques and standard their actions.