Drying is one of the oldest ways of storing food, the purpose of food drying is to reduce the moisture content, further to reduce the deterioration caused by microbe and chemical reactions to a minimum. There are varieties of methods of food drying like solar energy drying,  hot air drying, freeze-drying, vacuum drying, far infrared drying, and microwave drying. Since the trend of food processing is to keep the original color and taste, the choice of proper drying equipment is extremely important for the quality of the food. Since microwave drying can keep most of the nutrition and flavor of the food, microwave drying is the best choice.

microwave working flowchartUnder the efforts of the personnel of the food science and technology, food microwave drying equipment in variety kinds came to people’s life, for example, air convection drying equipments, drum drying equipment, vacuum drying equipments, and pressure drying equipment and electromagnetic radiation drying equipment. These equipment are widely used in food processing and break through the bottleneck techniques of food processing.

microwave drying technologyAnd at the same time the microwave drying equipment is developing towards more professional and specialization. There are flour drying and sterilizing machine and jujube drying and sterilizing machine, albumen powder drying and sterilizing machine, dehydrated vegetable drying and sterilizing machine, meat product drying and sterilizing machine, nuts drying and sterilizing machine and other specialized drying and sterilizing machine.

Because of the uniformity, stability and safety of microwave drying equipment, many famous food manufactures changed the traditional drying equipment to use microwave drying equipment which save the production time, improve the production efficiency and reduce the production cost and labor. The application of microwave drying equipment offers great help for food processing to realize industrialized operation and food safety and bring new opportunity for the food industry.