Microwave technics have been widely used in the food industry since the last century and during the 40 years, the techniques and equipment related to microwaves have been improved quickly. Condiment industry, as an important part of the food industry, is also using microwave equipment in the drying, sterilization process gradually.

microwave spices sterilization machine

Currently, microwave mainly applies in the heating, drying and sterilization process of the manufacturing essence of chicken, chicken powder, beef essence, pork essence, yeast extract, spices, and seafood essence. In addition, it is used in stoving, dehydration, sterilization, refresh, mildew proof, puffing process of pepper, chili powder and other powdery and granular condiment.

Since most of the raw materials of the condiment are fresh primary agriculture products, the content of germs is high, so the sterilization process is especially important. Traditional sterilization methods are steam sterilization, far-infrared sterilization, irradiation sterilization.

The steam sterilization needs a very long time and has bad effect on the flavor of the condiment, while irradiation sterilization will destroy the molecular structure and generate irradiation residue which is harmful to people’s health. Compared with these sterilization methods, microwave sterilization has many advantages. First, it is very convenient to use. The microwave sterilization equipment can be installed and used in the condiment processing workshop. Second, the cost of sterilization has been reduced. Using the microwave to sterilize one-kilo condiment only costs the electric fees which are far more lower than stem sterilization and irradiation sterilization.

With these advantages, microwave sterilization will play a more and more important role in condiment sterilization and how to use microwave sterilization in a more proper way and how to provide customers better microwave sterilization equipment are our striving directions.