Microwave Drying/Sterilization Machine for Spirulina

Our microwave spirulina sterilization equipment is mainly used for drying and sterilization of spirulina tablet, spirulina powder, spirulina protein powder, etc. Besides, this machine can also be use for sterilizing other protein powder and health care products.

spirulina sterilization machine
Compared with other Sterilization method, Microwaves Sterilization Equipment Has Unsurpassed Advantages
1. Microwave methods save energy and high efficiency.
2. Microwave time is very short, high working efficiency.
4. Microwave power was adjustable, easy to operate.
5. Improve working conditions, save land occupancy.
6. Using microwave to dry and sterilize materials, and can extend the product shelf life.

Technical Data of Microwave Spirulina Sterilizing Equipment

Model AZS-LS-20
Type continuous
Frequency(MHz) 2450±50
Power source 380V/50 Hz
Power(kw) 20(adjustable)
Dimension 8.0×1.1×1.8
MicrowaveLeakage (mW/cm2) ≤1

Microwave Spirulina Drying/Sterilization Equipment Features

1. This machine is specially designed for spirulina drying/sterilization machine according to the spirulina characters of fine granularity and light weight.
2. Our microwave equipment has beautiful appearance and fine workmanship, easy to clean and maintain.
3. adopt the non-contact infrared temperature measurement technology, multi-point temperature measurement, high precision .
4. Man-machine interface operation and PLC automatic control system can realize the data storage, output, and printing function.
5. Microwave power and variable frequency speed is adjustable. Furthermore, temperature and humidity adopts chain intelligent control.
6. Our microwave sterilization machine can kill the bacteria completely, the material will not lose nutrition and change color.

  • Control box

    Control box

    Observation window

    Observation window

  • The conveyor belt and opening can be adjusted according to your needs.

    conveyor belt and opening

  • Water cooled magnetron

    Water cooled magnetron

  • Air cooled magnetron

    Air cooled magnetron

Why Choose Microwave Sterilizing Method for Spirulina Sterilization

Spirulina is one of top health care products with rich nutrition. Its protein is of 60%-70%, highly more than soybean, beef and eggs. The ectoderm of spirulina is very thin with 40-60μm, mainly made up by mucopolymer, which is easy to degenerate. After sterilized, the spirulina can be made into spirulina pills, spirulina powder and spirulina protein products. While traditional sterilizing method cannot meet the special requirement, microwave method is most ideal way which can extend the spirulina shelf life. At present, many companies have started to adopt microwave sterilizing method, they give us good feedback with perfect sterilizing effect.

spirulina powder and pills

What is Microwave Sterilization ?

Microwave sterilization is a kind of new technology of high efficiency and convenient operation. Microwave sterilization is the interaction results of the thermal effects of electromagnetic field and biological effects. If you want to use microwave equipment for sterilization, the material moisture content is best in 10%-15%, then the sterilization effect will be perfect. Our microwave sterilization equipment is suitable for all kinds of powder food, granular food and health care products.