Microwave Seasonings Sterilizing Machine Introduction

Microwave is electromagnetic wave of frequency between 300MHz to 300GHz. The hydrone of heated materials is of polar molecule, under the effect of high frequency electromagnetic field, they produce movement and friction, thus making the material temperature rise and realizing the sterilization effect. Microwave sterilizing equipment has wide application in seasonings sterilization. Spice processing flowchart: Concentrated paste—Feeding system— Microwave dryer— Cooling system— Discharging & Crushing system

Industrial Tunnel Continuous Spice sterilization machine

Model AZS-F-P-40
Type Continuous
Frequency 2450±50 MHz
Voltage 380V/50 H z
Power 40 kw(adjustable )
Dimension (L×W×H) 10.0×1.1×1.8 m

Microwave Seasonings Sterilization Machine Application

microwave sterilizing of spice powders and spice

☆ Microwave technology has a wide and mature application in seasonings sterilization. For example, chili powder, pepper, star anise, chili sauce, spice, cinnamon. The processed material can keep original flavor and colour. By microwave sterilizing, the material only needs to be processed 3-5 minutes and temperature reaches 75-85 ℃.
☆ Microwave seasoning (flavors, spices) drying sterilization equipment also applies to the heating and sterilization to seasoning (chicken flavor, beef flavor, pork flavor and yeast extract, etc.) and seafood spices (kelp, seaweed, fish and shrimp).

Microwave Seasonings Sterilization Features

microwave seasoning sterilization machine details info

1. Short drying and sterilizing time, fully reserve spice fragrance.
2. The seasonings can be fully sterilized at a relatively low temperature, no damage to material nutrition.
3. Selective heating. As hydrone has a strong absorbing ability of microwave, material with more moisture can get more heat than low moisture ones. With the selective heating theory, the seasonings can get uniformly heated and sterilized.
4. Energy- saving. Microwave can directly heat the material themselves, so there is no extra heating wasted.
5. Puffing effect. The drying process is from inner to outer side, so the sterilization process has puffing effect.
6. Easy operation, advanced technology. Microwave sterilizing machine is of high automatic degree, flexible and easy operation. There is no waste water & gas during the sterilization process.

Common Seasonings Sterilizing Methods, Which is Best?

1. Microwave sterilizing method is highly featured with saving energy, low temperature, high automation and even heating. The processed material can fully keep original flavor and nutrition.
2. Steam sterilization method: the steam heat is transferred from outer to inner side, leading a long sterilizing time and thus damage the material nutrition.
3. Irradiation technology sterilizing method: there is Irradiation residues which may damage food original flavor as well as make the colour fade.
By comparison among the mentioned methods above, microwave sterilizing method is really a safe and practical way.