Microwave Root Vegetable Drying Equipment Introduction

Microwave vegetable drying machine is a professional equipment works by the microwave heating principle to dry the fresh or seasonal vegetables into dry foods. Many kinds of vegetables especially root vegetables such as carrots, cabbage, peas, potato, etc. can be dried and sterilized by this microwave vegetable drying machine. These vegetable should be sliced before drying. The vegetables after drying have more vivid color and good quality.

Microwave drying equipment vegetable

Model AZS-F-P-N(N∈【12,120】) AZS-F-C-N(N∈【12,120】) AZS-F-S-N(N∈【6,9,12】)
Cavity material 304 Industrial stainless steel
Frequency 2450±50 MHz
Output power 【12,120】【6,9,12】kw
Input Voltage 380V
Cabinet temperature 45 °C
Ambient temperature Seasonal normal temperature °C
Dimension 8*1.1*1.8 m
Weight 6 t

Microwave Root Vegetable Drying Equipment Features

details of microwave vegetable dryer machine

1. Whole body made of stainless steel to meet the food safety standards, long service life.
2. Uniform heating. Microwave penetrates to the core of the product and heats every part evenly.
3. Increasing products quality. The vegetable materials will have more vivid color after microwave treatments.
4. Safe and reliable. The equipment only consumes electric energy, with no pollution to the environment and materials, which meets the environmental protection requirements.
5. Improving working condition. The PLC touch screen controlling system and human-computer interface operation have greatly enhance the working efficiency.
6. Practical, large capacity, high efficiency, energy and cost saving. The energy and cost can save more than 30%.

Microwave Root Vegetable Drying Equipment Application

microwave drying of vegetables

● Widely applied in the drying and sterilizing of various seasonal root vegetables with low moisture, like sliced carrots/cabbage/peas/potato/pumpkin/onion/Chinese yam/ginger/radish , etc.
● Suitable for vegetable drying and sterilizing of supermarket, large vegetable garden, vegetable planting farms, etc.

Benefits of Dehydrated Vegetables

● Quick and easy to prepare
● No refrigeration necessary
● Low transport cost
● No cutting and peeling required
● Prolonged shelf life of 12-68 months

Investment Tips for Microwave Vegetable Drying Machine

The growth in popularity of convenient foods in many Asian countries has stimulated increasing demand for high-quality dehydrated vegetables and fruits.This trend is expected to continue and even accelerate over the next decade in all emerging economies of the world. So we can see the broad promising market of dehydrated vegetables.Dehydration offers a means of preserving foods in a stable and safe condition as it reduces water activity and extends shelf-life much longer than that of fresh fruits and vegetables. Microwave drying offers opportunities to shorten the drying time and improves the final quality of the dried products. Now it’s a wise choice to grasp the opportunity to own an advanced microwave vegetable drying machine and invest in dehydrated vegetables related industry.