Introduction Microwave Drying Machine for Oil Seeds

Oil Crops Microwave Drying Machine adopts advanced microwave heating technics to integrate the drying, sterilizing and puffing process together. Whole body is made of stainless steel which ensures safe and reliable performance. This microwave drying equipment for oil crops and oilseeds are energy-saving and environmental protection. It is ideal preprocessing equipment for seed oil production plant.

Oilseeds Drying Section Machinery

Characteristics of Microwave Drying Machine for Oil Seeds

* The whole equipment is made of stainless steel, meeting food security standard.
* Synchronously realizes drying, sterilization and ripening process, optimizing technical process and increasing production efficiency.
* Energy-saving and efficient. Microwave directly effects on the materials, so no additional thermel energy loss existed; the air in the cavity and the corresponding container will not generate heat, thus the thermal efficiency is high, also the production environment is obviously improved. Compared with the far infrared heating, it can save 30% electricity.
* Advanced technology for oil crops drying, sterilizing and ripening with high quality products. Low temperature sterilization can maintain the original color, smell, and good taste as well as less nutrient loss.
* Easy to control. Compared with conventional method, this equipment has no thermal inertia, and the operation is flexible and convenient. Meanwhile, the microwave power and transmission speed are both adjustable.
* Eco-friendly. In the microwave drying and sterilization process, no waste water, exhaust gas, and waste residue exist, which is beneficial to environmental protection.tunnel microwave dryer for drying oil seeds

Application Range of Microwave Drying Machine for Oil Seeds

1. Oil Crops Microwave Drying Machine fits for the fast drying, sterilizing and ripening of many oil crops like sesame, sunflower seed, hawthorn seed, rose seed, highland barley, etc.
2. Microwave equipment application in oilseeds preprocessing
Many oil crops need to be heated before cold oil pressing stage. Using microwave dying machine for oil crops, you should operate machine as the follows:
● Dry the oil crops moisture to 7%~30%
● Put the processed oilseeds in the microwave chamber evenly and then set heating time and temperature, after microwave drying process, the material temperature will be 80℃~150℃.
● The following procedure is cooling and cold pressing. Microwave heating process is a great help to improve oil yield.

dry oilseeds for oil production

Suggestions on the Study of Microwave Drying

☆ Not all food need to dry can use microwave drying method.
☆ Microwave drying for food must take the economic benefits into account, make full use of the advantages of different drying technics to optimize and integrate.

Prospect of Microwave Drying for Food

Microwave drying, as a new technology, with its unique heating characteristics and drying mechanism, has opened up a new way for food drying, thus has a very broad application prospects. Microwave technology will gradually improve its technical method and equipment, meanwhile it will combine with other drying technology toward broader and deeper developing direction.