Microwave Herb Medicine Drying Equipment Introduction

In modern medical industry, using microwave thermal effect and non-thermal effect to dry and sterilize pharmaceutical extract is advanced method. Due to some medicine’s viscidity, our microwave herbs drying machine adopts vacuum design.

microwave herbs drying equipment

Model AZS-F-S-N ( N∈【12、40】) AZS-F-P-6
Frequency 2450±50
Power 6-40 kw
Dimension (6—16)*1.1*2.2 m 1.0*1.0*1.8 m
Voltage 380v
Weight 0.5-3.5 t
Material 304 industrial grade stainless steel

Microwave Pills/Capsule Sterilization Machine Features

1. Practical and economic.
2. Easy to control, convenient to operate.
3. Low energy consumption.
4. Environmental friendly, clean and sanitary.
5. Compare with conventional method, our microwave equipment can work immediately when you turn on, no thermal inertia and microwave power can be adjustable.

details of microwave herbs medicine dryer machine

Applications of Microwave Drying Machine for Medical Products

1. Applied fields: medical and pharmaceutical industry.
2. Suitable materials: pills/troche/herbal medicine powder/pharmaceutical extracts

microwave pills, herbs, medicine drying equipment application

How to Dry Herbs/Pills/Medical Extract with Microwave Equipment?

Taking use of thermal effect and non-thermal effect of microwave to dry and sterilize drugs in low temperature, microwave energy radiated into medical supplies directly, then the internal temperature of drugs becomes higher, pressure, acceleration bound water molecules are transferred, some water in raw materials evaporate outward gradually, meanwhile, microwave machine equip with ventilating equipment (appropriate air), which removed the evaporated water. Thus, reach the purpose of drying and sterilization.

Why Choose Microwave Equipment For Medical Products Drying

Traditional drying and sterilization of pills, capsules and tablets adopts steam and tunnel oven, which not only needs large area workshop but also needs to equip with expensive air conditioning equipment. In addition, the drying time is very long, in generally, it takes several hours or days. Using microwave equipment to dry and sterilize pills, capsules, troche, and even traditional Chinese medicine herbs can reduce labor intensity, improve production quality and also ensure the medicine consistency.