Fruit Slice Microwave Drying Machine Introduction

Microwave Fruit Slice Drying/Puffing Machine helps you to make a series of pre-treatment of various fruit slices, including drying, sterilizing and puffing process. Compared to conventional drying machine, it can heat uniformly and fast with good drying and puffing effect, as well as less nutrient damage, which is your best choice for drying of fruit slices.

microwave drying machine of fruit

microwave oven for drying fruits

  Model Power(kw)    Dehydration capacity(kg/h) Sterilization capacity(kg/h)              Size(mm)
AZS-12KW 12 12 120-150 7010*840*1750
AZS-20KW 20 20 190-240 9350*840*1750
AZS-30KW 30 30 300-380 11690*840*1750
AZS-40KW 40 40 390-500 10520*1060*1750
AZS-50KW 50 50 500-630 11690*1060*1750
AZS-60KW 60 60 600-750 12860*1060*1750
AZS-70KW 70 70 700-870 14030*1060*1750
AZS-80KW 80 80 800-1000 12680*1200*1750
AZS-100KW 100 100 1000-1250 15200*1200*1750
AZS-150KW 150 150 1500-1850 21050*1200*1750
AZS-200KW 200 200 2000-2500 25050*1200*1750

Characteristics of Fruit Slice Microwave Drying Machine

* Specially custom-built design for the high-volume and continuous operation food production users.
* Fast drying, sterilizing and puffing speed, perfect drying and puffing effect, good taste, less nutritional content loss and hygienic.
* High thermal efficiency, without additional thermal loss.
* Flexible design and compact structure, easy to operate and control.
* Heating uniformly, saving more than 30% energy compared to conventional drying machine.
*Advanced technology for fruit drying, high quality products. Low temperature sterilization can maintain the original color, smell, and taste.
* Automatic control system, capable of continuous production and enhance the economic benefits.
* Simple and convenient feeding and blanking of the materials,easy for seamless docking with other process so as to realize the automated streamline production.

details feature of microwave fruit slice drying machine

Fruit Slice Microwave Drying/Puffing Machine Application

Fruit Slice Microwave Drying/Puffing Machine can be used for the fast drying, sterilizing and puffing of apple slices, banana slices, lemon slices, kiwi slices and other fruit slices.

fruit chips dried by industrial microwave dryer

Tips & Warnings For Drying Fruits in Microwave

There are several ways to dry fruits, while using a microwave fruit drying equipment is a reasonable way. The purpose we dry fruits is for easy preservation and good flavor, so choosing drying method is very important.
1. Dehydrating times will vary according to the type of fruit and the wattage and voltage of the particular microwave.
2. Fruits that are very juicy will not dehydrate will in the microwave or they will take a very long time.
3. Some good microwave choices are apples, bananas, firm pears and strawberries.
4. Thinner slices of fruit will dehydrate best. If the fruit is sliced too thick, the microwave will cook or warm the food rather than dehydrate it.

industiral microwave drying oven for drying fruits

Note: Will will customize equipment according to fruit varieties, fruit slice thickness, capacity and the finished products moisture.