Microwave Flower Drying Equipment Introduction

Microwave Flower Drying Equipment is specially designed for drying and sterilization of flowers. The flowers after drying have good color and quality also without any damage. Featured with advanced technology, high efficiency and easy operation, it is your best choice for flower drying.

commercial flower dryer

Model AZS-F-P-100
Type Continuous
Frequency (MHz) 2450±50
Voltage 380V/50 Hz
Power(kw) 100(adjustable)
Microwave Leakage Value ≤1mW/cm2
Dimension 16*1.1*1.8 m

Microwave Flower Drying Equipment Features

professional flower drying machine details

1. Microwave drying machine is made of stainless steel to suit standard of food security.
2. Customized drying equipment according to the flowers’ characteristics of large moisture content, easily damaged and color easily changed.
3. Advanced technology, adopts non-contact infrared temperature measurement technology, multi-point temperature measurement to ensure high accuracy.
4. Processing the flower by microwave can achieve drying and sterilizing simultaneously, which optimizing technical process.
5. The application of special human-computer interface operation and PLC automatic touch screen controlling system greatly improve the working condition.
6. Linkage controlling of temperature and humidity to secure flower color and quality.
7. Short processing cycle, fast molding and high quality of dried products.
8. Large capacity, high efficiency, safe and reliable performance.

Wide Application of Microwave Flower Drying Equipment

☆Ideal microwave equipment suitable for drying and sterilization of various rhizome flowers, such as honeysuckle, chrysanthemum, rose, peony, etc.
☆Ideal microwave equipment suitable for drying and sterilization in horticulture industry, flower crafts manufacturing, tea production plant, Chinese herbal medicine factory, etc.

flowers can be dried by microwave dryer machine

Why Choose Microwave Equipment for Honeysuckle Drying

As everybody knows, the honeysuckle quality determines the price. So honeysuckle drying method is very important for all the investors. The traditional drying method need more than 20 hours and damages the bright color of the flowers. While our microwave flower drying machine can solve the problem easily. Honeysuckles processed by industrial microwave equipment is of bright lustre, the drying process only need several minutes. Scientific experiments show that the chlorogenic acid and sweet clover grass content of honeysuckle processed by microwave equipment is of highest level.


Warm Tips for Storing Dried Flowers

☆ Use tightly sealed containers to prevent insect invasion. Occasionally check the containers, and if insects are present, destroy the infected materials and thoroughly clean the container before using it again.
☆ Do not consider dried flowers everlasting. Preferably, they should be replaced yearly, but with good care they often last longer. Even the best dried flowers gradually fade and should be discarded when they no longer produce the desired effect. Flowers that tend to fade may be lightly tinted with aerosol paints or dyes for more durable color. With care, the natural look can be preserved.