Microwave Ripening Equipment for Non-fried Instant Noodle Production Line

No oil type instant noodle production line is based on the fried instant noodle production line, removing deep fryer and replaced by microwave drying equipment. Microwave technology is a new type drying technology which is use of electromagnetic energy direct heating material, the penetration performance makes inside and outside heated and dried uniformly and rapidly, making the instant noodles quality has greatly improved, increase the degree of wheat gluten, smooth delicious and article continuously. Microwave non-fried instant noodle production line is indispensable equipment in modern instant noodle industry.

Food Instant Noodles Microwave Drying Machinery

Microwave Non-fried Instant Noodle Technology Application Prospect

The emerging of microwave non-fried instant noodle technology has changed the insufficiency of current hot air drying process. The taste and flavor is the same as the traditional noodles, no oil, no lipid oxidation and with longer shelf life. Because there is no high temperature frying processing, can guarantee the product of natural nutrients. add vegetable powder, egg yolk powder, soybean powder can be developed into a variety of health, functional instant noodles food for children and older. With high gluten value, article continuously, the non-fried instant noodle can be made into stir-fried noodles with vegetable, cold noodles with sauce and other pasta food, conform to the food structure of low fat, nutrition and health, return to nature of consumer psychology, has a great potential market.

microwave ripening equipment application for ripening non-fried instant noodles

Advantages of Microwave Drying/Puffing Equipment for Non-fried Instant Noodle

1. Uniform heating, high efficiency
2. Production quality is greatly improved
3. Easy to operate, convenient matching with the traditional processing technology of instant noodles
4. Disinfection and sterilization, extend the shelf-life, safe and health
5. Significant economic benefits, good working condition
6. The microwave drying equipment has small volume, convenient to install.

details of belt microwave dryer machine for instant noodle drying

Working Process of Non-fried Noodle Production Line

Non-fried instant noodle production line is consists of molding machine, cooking machine, cutting machine, air heater, microwave drying machine and cooling and packing machine.

non-fried instant noodle production unit

Non-fried instant noodle production line manufacturing process is Knead dough–curing-rolling-cutting into strips folded wave shape-cooking-cutting and folding-microwave drying-cooling and packaging

1. Knead dough: 40% of water content control in flour dosage, water temperature can adjust according to the seasons.
2. Curing: curing condition including temperature, humidity, and time. Humidity is maintained at70%-80%,temperature is generally not more than25℃,the time is 30-40minutes is appropriate.
3. Rolling: after curing, the dough first through two group of rollers pressure into two dough belts, then by the composite machine to composite for twice together into one dough belt
4. Cutting into strips folded wave shape: noodles and forming network with linear velocity ratio is adjusted to 6-8
5. Cooking: put the noodles into the cooking machine for cooking about 2.5-8 minutes.
6. Microwave ripening: use the microwave drying equipment to ripen and puff the cooked noodles.
7. Cooling and packaging: Cool the instant noodles to room temperature and then pack them.