Drying Equipment

Drying material with microwave energy is an attractive solution to many problems caused by traditional drying method. Finish Drying in Minutes!

Sterilization Equipment

Microwave sterilizing technology can kill bacteria completely while fully keep food nutrition.Quick, Simple & Easy Sterilizing!

Curing Equipment

Microwave food curing is getting more and more attention with healthy diet becomes popular. Successful case of non-instant noodle production.

Microwave Vacuum Drying System

Microwave vacuum drying equipment combines two different technologies to create specific conditions for drying very sensitive products. While microwaves deliver gentle and uniform heat to the material, a vacuum atmosphere allows using a lower drying temperature. Vacuum microwave drying is highly suitable for processing pharmaceutical products and a wide range sensitive food products as well as chemical reaction.

microwave vacuum drying

Attentions to Vacuum Microwave Drying
◆ you should process the same material in every batch.
◆ the material size should be similar
◆ disperse the material instead of piling up.
◆ no metal in the material
◆ the microwave equipment should not work without loading.
Features of Vacuum Equipment Specialized in Chemical Products Drying
1. The whole equipment is made of stainless steel, corrosion-resistant and easy to clean.
2. Vacuum degree is less than -0.09Mpa, automatically controlled.
3. The core components of microwave system is self-researched, up to international standard.
4. Automatic PLC control system can realize data storage, output and print.
5. The microwave drying equipment adopts continuously variable transmission which is energy saving and ensures a reliable working process.
6. Non-contact Infrared temperature measurement technology, accurate and easy to control.
7. Special design drainage system greatly improves working efficiency.
8. Microwave leakage is ≤1mW/cm2, less than state standard(≤5mW/cm2)
Vacuum Microwave Drying Equipment Application in Chemical Industry
Mainly used for chemical material extraction, drying, destructive distillation, Oxidation-reduction reaction.

material for microwave vacuum drying

Microwave Vacuum Dying Equipment Technical Data

Model Type Frequency Voltage Power Dimension Microwave leakage (mw/cm²)
AMSMD-CH-V-6 Case 2450±50 Mhz 360V,50HZ 6KW 1.5*1.5*1.8m ≤1
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